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Hilari Lastra

Bridal Stylist

Hilari Lastra earned a BFA in Fashion Design and Marketing from the International Academy of Design in Sacramento, CA. While growing up, she always had a love for fashion and could be found sketching clothing designs in class and her spare time. After struggling with trying to figure out what to do after high school and not being happy at community college, her mom encouraged her to study fashion.From day one Hilari knew she was in the right place. Now it was just deciding what area to specialize in. Her academic research led her to the bridal industry and that sparked her interest from there. Completing courses in construction, fashion history and textiles, she developed her industry skill set. Hilari loves dresses and all things sparkly so it only made sense that she would use her talents to pursue a career in the bridal industry.

It was in her final semester when Hilari was looking for an internship that she found SPARKLE bridal couture. She met with Founder & Creative Director Sandra Gonzalez and knew this is where she wanted to be. Hilari admits to have struggled with weight gain and loss her whole life and loves that SPARKLE specializes in sizes 14-30.

“I believe what we do here at SPARKLE bridal couture is not just find brides wedding gowns, we help fulfill their dreams. We build relationships with our clients and help them find their perfect SPARKLE gown. I love what I do. I get to meet all different kinds of people from all different walks of life. Every client has a different vision and personality. It’s my passion to help make that a reality with the SPARKLE gown of their dreams.”

Here are some fun facts about Hilari

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Go shopping, any kind of shopping! I also like to take my son on adventures along river trails or explore for new parks to visit.

What’s your favorite food?

Fresh baked cookies and salmon, but not together. J

What are some of the crazy fashion fads you and your friends went through?

In elementary school we loved to wear what we called “Swishy Pants.” They were taffeta sweat pants that made a ton of noise when you walked. My favorite pair was hunter green. Regrettably in high school we also used to take hair ties or rubber bands and tie the bottom of our jeans to our ankles. Why? I don’t know, I suppose we thought it looked cool.