In the bridal world, it is always exciting to get the opportunity to explore something new and different. This March, we had the honor of parterning with Rosaura Unangst, Artist and Owner of Pigment and Parchment, Christy Coleman, Artist and Owner of Indigo Designerie, and Carmen Salazar, Owner of Carmen Salazar photography.  We often work with event designers/planners, but it was exciting to do something a little different and get to transform our SPARKLE window into an actual art installation that will inspire our SPARKLE brides and visitors.


Owner of Pigment and Parchment, Rosaura Unangst. Photo Credit: Carmen Salazar Photography

P&P logo green not squareid logo cropped (1)Collaborating with Rosaura is a very creative process. We met with her in our showroom several months before the installation to really get a good sense of what direction we were going in. At our first meeting, she brought Christy Coleman of Indigo Designerie. It was an absolute breeze forming a plan with these ladies. The second we agreed on a theme and idea, Rosaura’s pens started soaring across the page. Plans for paper coral pieces and sea creatures came into sight and within minutes we had a full sketch of our March design.



Initial design sketch by Rosaura Ugangst

Rosaura’s life is devoted to seeing, creating, learning, & helping. She’s been honing her illustration skills for over two decades in Northern California. In a world over-saturated with apps & screens, she hopes to connect with practices that have delighted humans for centuries. She takes life from black and white to technicolor.


Carmen Salazar, Owner of Carmen Salazar Photography



Shooting our March window is Carmen Salazar of Carmen Salazar Photography. We are always happy to get a chance to work with Carmen because we know that we are going to end up with amazing photos. Carmen has the best eye and always manages to flawlessly capture the best of any event or installation. Carmen is based in Northern California and frequently shoots in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. She is just a quirky girl with a kind heart that’s good at making strangers feel like old friends. She devoted most of her life to creating community – communities filled with ardent love, artistic growth and a sense of belonging to something bigger than ones self.

“I promise that every decision I make will come from a place of gratitude and genuine curiosity on how I can document your unique story – because your love story is more amazing than you know. In the end – your love is your legacy and certainly an inspiration to those around you.” Carmen Salazar

Carmen logo

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