For the month of April, we got a taste of Danish lifestyle philosophy by collaborating with Hygge Events to create a window display featuring the centuries old idea of coziness. Our team just added a fresh twist and took it to a new level. Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is the Danish way of life that emphasizes sincere connections, coziness and shared experiences. That’s what we experienced in our collaboration with Hygge Events and Sarah Maren Photography who captured our window beautifully.

Hygge [hue guh]: 1. life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things, beautiful places; 2. savoring the present 3. the good life

In December 2015, we came across Kylie and Sarah of Hygge Events via where else…social media. It seems like an appropriate place to find this team of creatives with a vision for what’s new and next. Always on the search for out-of-the-ordinary window decor, we liked what we saw so we reached out to this Northern California based duo. Lucky for us they accepted our proposal. And when we saw them as one of the FRESHbash teams back in March, we knew we were on to something, well, fresh for Sacramento. Unique out-of-the-ordinary design is what we are always strive for in our windows. It’s about creating an unexpected experience for our visitors and East Sacramento neighborhood. The definition above really explains the overall feel and style of Hygge. Sitting down with Kylie and Sarah to discuss their ideas for our April display was an easy laid-back, yet professional process. They easily imagined our large window space with a clean and relaxed layout. For months they created mobile structures, sourced the right furnishings and planned with Ana of Sevacha Cakes. The result was set design in its purest form.



After having photographed our June 2013 window, we realized that it was way too long since we’d had Sarah Maren Whitehead back to shoot our windows. We missed Sarah and knew we needed our fix!  As soon as Sarah showed up to our showroom, she started snapping away. When you look through her photos, you quickly see what stunning photos she takes. It was definitely fun getting to talk with Sarah and learn more about her process. Always making sure to get the perfect angles and lighting to make the perfect image.  Sarah got her hands on a camera for the first time when she was 7 years old. She pursued the arts in college and continued her photography career working for a studio, her college paper and freelancing. She has been a professional photographer for 19 years working as Sarah Maren Photography. We love collaborating with her because she brings her love of light and fun, comfortable personality to every aspect of her business and life.



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