For May 2016, we got a glamorous taste of a real California ranch style wedding thanks to our dear partner,  Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. We also had the great pleasure of teaming up with Nikki Hancock of Nikki Hancock Photography for the first time. These two women brough such positivity and personality to this project. Watching them design and create was an absolute pleasure.

Wedding planner Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. Photo by Nikki Hancock Photography

Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. Photo by Nikki Hancock Photography

We were super excited to get to collaborate with Darcie again. She designed our gorgeous January 2013 window, “Passion for PINK.” Darcie had a very clear vision and brought her Western/glam theme to life for our May 2016 display. In speaking with her, we knew we needed to find the perfect SPARKLE gowns to bring out the earthy yet sophisticated design. Seeing Darcie’s original sketch come to life was a lot of fun. We really love all of the natural earth tones and warmth that was created in this display. Darcie is a laid back, down to earth person who produces amazing events. Darcie’s wedding planning philosophy is to create and connect ideas and personal choices with the natural beauty and architecture in many of the historic venues in Sacramento and the vineyards of the rolling El Dorado and Amador Foothills to create the ideal event. She believes every wedding should reflect the bride’s personal style and be created from love and passion.


Nikki Hancock of Nikki Hancock Photography

We were very excited to find Nikki Hancock and have her be part of our 2016 window partner program. Right away, Nikki jumped in to capture all of the elements of Darcie’s display. She brought a fantastic energy into the showroom, climbing into the window to get all the right angles and balanced on ladders to get all the details needed to show off this design. You can really see the passion Nikki has for her craft. She believes we can learn from the quality and technique of old style film shooting and at the same time embrace the convenience and cutting-edge changes that technology has brought to the table. Her goal is to get amazing images that will be treasured forever and to make the process as easy as possible while providing an amazing portfolio for her clients.


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