Summer brings on sun-filled weddings by the shore and beach beautiful brides walking in the sand. For our July 2017 window we wanted to bring that summer spirit with beach-themed decor by Shari Wise, owner of Events by Wise and captured by Carmen Salazar-Burke of Carmen Salazar Photography. Whether it’s Monterrey, Maine, Hawaii, Mexico or some other exotic beach locale, the sound of waves and fresh sea air calms your soul and rejuvenates your mind. Two things all brides want.

sparkle bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns, sacramento bridal shopsSHARI WISE
Owner, Events by Wise

Shari may have started a professional career in accounting and human resources, but it was 6 years ago when she planned her daughter’s wedding that she realized she had another calling as an event planner. But she’s always been a planner at heart. Even as a child she organized and coordinated the neighborhood kids to put on skits and plays.

Now as a full-time planner, who loves Hawaii, country music and oldies, she enjoys working with couples that have similar tastes and strives to make each couple’s event as perfect as possible. Her reward is knowing she is taking away a couple’s stress and helping them enjoy their wedding day. She started my business out of her LOVE for weddings.  “I want everyone to be able to have the best wedding possible!  I want all their family and friends to enjoy the wedding and if I can help with that then I have done my job.”

Shari’s Planning Advice: The earlier you start with a planner the better. Why struggle through it all when a planner can help you from the start!  Even if you do not want full-service planning, they can start you in the right direction and help keep you on track.

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When Shari isn’t planning weddings or other special events, you can find her spending time with her family, reading or outside gardening.




sparkle bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns, sacramento bridal shops

Carmen Salazar-Burke
Carmen Salazar Photography

Carmen is a free-spirit who captures images that reflect the natural state of her surroundings and emotions of those around her. Having traveled throughout the US and beyond, she finds beauty in the details and textures of her subjects. As the Founder of Fresh Bash, a collective event design competition, she is used to working with other event pros who push the envelope and she is constantly seeking new innovative way to showcase her clients through her photography. When she’s not on a shoot or exploring new locations, you can find her working on a DIY home project, playing with her dog or trying  out a new yoga class.