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Summer Hair Saves for Fall & Winter Bridal Beauties

We’ve asked AVEDA Bridal Make-up and Hair Stylist Tessa Matsis Smith of Strands Salon & Spa to share some of her best hair advice to help get your locks over the drying summer sun and into a rich, full Fall head of hair.

We know exactly where you are. You’re still in summer mode. You’ve basked on beaches, soaked up music festivals and brunched on patios while absorbing the sunshine rays. Get it. It was summer. But with the joys of this season unfortunately come tangles, breakage and porous sun-bleached locks. For Fall and Winter brides and bridal parties this serves a major problem for smooth and silky hair on your big day. Here are some helpful tips and products worth investing in to get your hair looking its best on your special day.






Aveda Pramāsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser
and Exfoliating Scalp Brush

Start with the scalp. We all know now that a healthy scalp means healthy locks. Exfoliation is key to remove old product build-up on the scalp and relieve the healthy follicles of old skin cells to promote regeneration and continual health. Use an exfoliating brush before shampooing and add a pre wash scalp scrub to balance the ph and promote the best scalp health possible for shine, growth and abundance.

Deep Conditioning Treatments. Use them. You will see an incredible improvement in your hair health. High quality treatments make a real difference because of the integrity of the proteins and moisture elements introduced to your hair. Let your towel dried hair soak for five minutes with any protein mask and endlessly for any moisture mask. Use a shampoo cap while soaking to open cuticle for maximum penetration and best results.




Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment
and Dry Remedy Moisturizing Mask

Use a sunscreen for your hair. We use sunscreen on our face, our décolleté, our neck… why not our hair? Protect your color and your scalp from being ravaged
by the sun by using an easy spray on UV protectant.







Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

Blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands, oh my! A heat protectant is a MUST, especially when using a heat source directly on your precious strands. A protective barrier between your hair and your heat styler of choice will be the make or break between dry, brittle broken hair and healthy, shiny hair. Apply when hair is wet from mid-strands to ends and style as usual. The Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep also doubles as a 12 hour humidity defense while you’re out there frolicking in the elements. This product is an all time Strands Salon favorite.






Aveda Smooth Infusion StylePrep

Last but not least, leave in conditioners are not to be passed over. Leave in conditioners are vital because of the longevity of the contact with your hair. Left on to continue it’s good work, these products come in an array of forms such as creams, serums and sprays.







Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect


A personal favorite is the Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. Rich in nourishing oils and conditioning ingredients, this creamy serum serves to condition and soften the hair throughout the day and also includes wintergreen as a natural UV protectant for your color. Thanks Aveda for this awesome product!





Brides and Maidens, use these tips and products to arrive safely and beautifully to your wedding hair appointment. Your locks will love you and your stylist will thank you.

If you’d like to book any wedding services or ask any questions about your hair, please stop in at Strands Salon and Spa, Tessa will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you have about your hair and how to get ready for your Fall/Winter wedding!


Tessa Matsis Smith
Strands Salon and Spa
3271 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento 95816

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall… even though Fall officially starts this month, we are still soaking up vibrant greenery in our Glam Garden themed September 2017 window display created by Carla Anglada, Chief Designer of Danielle Roe Events. It’s gorgeous inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2018 brides too! When it comes to our window displays, we always want decor that is unique, ahead-of-the-“ahem”-curve and fresh. Well, we think Carla, Danielle and her team kicked it up a notch! The combination of natural elements, drapery sheers, copper accent pieces and soft colored glassware all blend into a fantastical sight. To capture it all, we teamed up with Morgan Alanna of Morgan Alanna Photography to capture the behind-the-sparkle moments of how the display was produced. Meet our decor partners and learn more about their passion for weddings and what inspires them.


Danielle Roe Events, SPARKLE bridal couture, plus size bridal shops, sacramento bridal shops


Danielle Roe Events will be celebrating 2 years in business the end of this year. Danielle got her start working in the corporate world in the Public Relations field, planning corporate events and parties for clients and representing them to the media. When it comes to couples and clients she works with she enjoys seeing their connection with each other and to work with couples who are truly in love- it makes the day that much more special!

While she has done some pretty incredible events, including associate producing a handful of national events for the Tony-Award winning play, Hamilton, her favorite moment has been thanks to one of her awesome grooms. It was a wedding that DRE did in Napa this year, the groom was just in awe of the whole day and teared up every time he saw his new wife or spoke about her. So incredibly sweet!


Danielle Roe Events, SPARKLE bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns, sacramento bridal shops


Carla Anglada


Watching Carla’s vision formulate step-by-step was like seeing an artist’s painting come to life. As the Chief Designer of our September 2017 window, Carla brainstormed ideas and upon finalizing the concept, she took the idea and ran with it. Coordinating with other creatives and the SPARKLE team, she brought together all elements of the Glam Garden using wooden halo cutouts delicately wrapped in fresh greenery, soft airy sheers draped over a backdrop to a sweet tablescape. As Chief Designer, Carla works with clients to bring together their ideas and execute them to perfection.

Danielle Roe Events Pro-Tip

find someone that fits with your personality.  While we all have packages that we offer, chat with your potential planner and make sure that they really understand what your working style and communication needs are. Your planner should always be willing to be flexible, within reason, to your needs and accommodate your production needs.



morgan Alanna Photography, SPARKLE bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns, sacramento bridal shops
MORGAN ALANNA photography

Morgan has been a wedding photographer for two years. She’s always enjoyed photography as a hobby, but after being laid off from a corporate job, she decided to dive fully and whole-hardheartedly into her creative side. And photography has been it for her ever since. Despite she being new to her profession, she was recognized for her talent by having two photos featured on the official Sony Camera website. When she’s not photographing you will find Morgan painting, reading or listening to her current favorite tune called, “Give Me the Simple Life,” by Steve Tyrell.
She absolutely loves the positivity and happiness she gets to experience when shooting a wedding.  She admits, it’s a high stress job, but she states that the stress forces her to dig deep into both her creativity and perfectionism as a photographer! And for her, that makes each wedding a unique and beautiful experience.

Morgan Alanna Pro-Tip

Interview them, and don’t be afraid to shop around! Your style should be highlighted by the photography! If your photographer has a super bright “catalog-look,” but you are a more Boho-hippie kinda gal, then you will probably hate the photos! No matter how talented the photographer is!

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