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  • Inspirations By Gina_04

    Gina Shrewsberry

    Inspirations by Gina

    We were thrilled to have Gina come on for our April window. She came to us with a clear vision of how she wanted to usher in spring. A trip which lead her to encounter the beautiful cherry blossom and inspired her to bring the brightness of this flower to SPARKLE. We adore all the pink tones that were incorporated into her design and how elegantly the typically whimsical color was used. Gina will be partnering with us again to capture the beauty of the harvest season, so make sure to check back in November!



    View More: http://emilyjeanimages.pass.us/sparkleEmily Jean

    Emily Jean Images

    Emily has been a photographer for seven years. A passion that started in high school and put her through college, continues today in the form of wedding photography. Though we see an array of styles, Emily’s favorite is still weddings. She loves being a part of that special day and capturing details so often missed in the excitement. It’s a different experience every weekend, Emily noted, and it’s so important to capture the way that day felt; the emotions and energy that you can feel in that moment. When asked what she does in her free time, Emily’s response was “shoot more weddings!” Photography aside, she enjoys traveling and is excited for her upcoming trip to Africa.


  • Love in Bloom

    IMG_4405Monique Arellano

    Bells Custom Design

    We are so grateful to Monique for making such an incredible display this month. The craftsman ship behind the paper flowers backdrop is impeccable. When you look at the display, you begin to notice each flower is different than the last; much like each one of our brides. Though just starting her business in January of 2017, Monique has had plenty of experience with decorating for friends and family. When you look at this display, its undeniable that she’s done this before.







    Meagan-Lucy-0001Megan Lucy

    Megan Lucy Photographers

    Say hello to February’s window photographer, Megan Lucy. Megan has a very strong photography background from attending a specialized school in Santa Barbara. While Megan embodies professionalism and a keen photographic eye, her effervescent personality also makes her a joy to work with. When looking for a wedding photographer, you want someone with an impressive portfolio and easy to work with: Megan is definitely the best of both.

  • img_6148Aimee Carroll


    It was such a pleasure to have Aimee in our shop. Her design for our January window is exactly what we hoped for in the first month of the year: a clean and sleek design that is incredibly refreshing. The banners which hang throughout the window, show sweet sentiments that offer positive change, instead of outdated high-pressure resolutions. We love the modern design she created to welcome in 2017; using bold black and white stripes, gold sequins, and contemporary furnishings, this window has all the makings of a celebration.

    Thank you again Aimee!




    dee and kris photography

    Kris Robinson

    Dee and Kris Photography

    Kris not only captured the exciting moments of our window install, but offered a great energy to the shop as well, which made the day even more fun. Kris definitely has an eye for detail; making sure shes getting the perfect line for her picture. This detail orientation comes across in her work. We are so pleased with the way she brought our January Window to life through her photography.

    Thank you Kris!

  •                                                                                          Forever Vintage Rentals

    We’ve had the pleasure of working with Forever Vintage Rentalsimg_6024 before and are always impressed by their creations. This month they unveiled their “chandi-tree”;  chandeliers that have been stacked on top of each other to create a tree silhouette. It is simply stunning when its all lit up, especially at night. The original visions for the December Window by Forever Vintage Rentals was quite different, but when they revealed how their design we fell in love. There couldn’t be a more perfect theme, not only for the holidays, but for the time we find ourselves in as well. We could all use a little more love to light up our world.

    Thank you for bringing light to our December window!





    Ryan Greenleaf

    Ryan Greenleaf Photography

    We were so pleased to have Ryan Greenleaf as our featured photographer for December. Ryan approached photographing our window with professionalism and a smile. We love the work that he’s done for us and are excited for everyone to see how he captured the glow and warmth of this winter design.


    Thank you again Ryan for being a part of the December Window!



  • img_4097Elegant Inspirations Event and Wedding Consultations

    Nicole Reese

    Nicole’s warm personality comes through in each of her designs, which is just one of the reasons she’s so perfect for the wedding industry. She has a clear interest in working with people and loves to help their ideas come to life. It’s always such a pleasure to have her in the shop; you can see her previous work on our Pinterest page. Her patience and attention to detail is what makes her designs so lovely. For example, carefully placing caps on each individual acorn might seem like a tedious task monotonous, but Nicole set to work without a qualm. Did we mention the shirts featured, Nicole specifically brought for our November display?

    Thank you so much for all your hard work Nicole!







    Heather LaVergne 

    Our very own SPARKLE stylist, Heather, was our featured photographer for the month! Heather studied Film and Media at UC Santa Cruz, so she is no stranger to capturing the action behind the lens. Aside from being one of our main stylists, she also manages our social media; making sure we send out plenty of inspiration from SPARKLE. She loves working with her brides, along with capturing all the behind-the-scenes action in the shop. On her days off, you can probably find her on a mountain.

    Thank you Heather for being part of our November Display!



    Tin Roof Farmhousse, sparkle bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns, sacramento bridal shops


    Erica Henderson   
    Owner | Lead Stylist & Buyer

    When you have a traveler’s spirit like Erica, you see the beauty in the weathered, worn and crackled. For Erica, her big heart bursts with appreciation for the life everyday items have lived and stories they tell. Chatting with her about our common experience as kids of mapping out garage sales with our parents, rummaging through second-hand shops, visiting distant markets and local Goodwill stores, you can see her eyes light up just thinking of those memories. And you can feel the energy of her mind flowing with ideas for recent finds. Love leads her imagination to seek out unique, one-of-a kind items for her collection. She was born to do what she does.
    Thanks Erica for sharing your wanderlust joy with us!! XOXOX




    Lacey M. Carroll  

    Natural Light & Studio Photographer

    We adore Lacey, who during her bridal appointment at SPARKLE shared, “I’m getting married in Iceland.” No family ties there, no friends who live there, no we’ve been there and love it so we are going back. Nope! It was her adventurous character that led her and her new hubby to far off lands so each could have a new experience and rejoice in their love for each other. That’s what we call the SPARKLE spirit! Just go for it and make it happen! (more of those incredible wedding photos to come soon!). Lacey’s brave essence allows her to see what others don’t UNTIL they see it in her photographs. She captures a warm smile, a flirty wink, a tender sigh. And even though those gestures are intimate between her couples, they are universal because they all speak the language of love. Her vagabond spirit sent her to Iceland, but her warm loving heart is right here in NorCal. We’re oh so lucky!

    Merci, Lacey for giving us a glimpse into your world and seeing our window through your eyes. XOXO



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  • We’re searching for plus size models and it could be YOU!


    SPARKLE bridal couture, plus size model search

    photo credit: carmen salazar photography



    Are you between sizes 16-24? Ever wanted to model? Can you rock a pair of heels? Want to inspire curvy women and girls to be confident about their body?  Are you ready to show curvy women and girls what is possible? Join our SPARKLE bridal couture Plus Size Model Search to have a chance to walk the runway in our beautiful bridal gowns or be featured in an upcoming magazine styled bridal shoot!

    We are looking for the following to help be the face AND curves of SPARKLE:

    sizes 16-24
    all ethnicities
    5’8” and over
    Must be 18yo or over
    no visible tattoos

    Ready to SPARKLE? Ready to see yourself on the runway? Want to show off your curves in the pages of fashion magazines?

    Here’s how to apply

    Submit the following to model@sparklebridalcouture.com
    1 – Use “SPARKLE Model Search” in message line
    2 – Your full name, address, phone and Instagram or Facebook handle
    3 – Bust/Waist/Hip measurements and height
    4 – A headshot photo wearing light make-up
    5 –  Full body photo wearing fitted clothes
    (No need for pro pix, just be you and natural!)
    6 – Link to a 30 sec video sharing why you want to be
    the face and curves of SPARKLE bridal couture
    7 – Submit by July 31, 2016

    Are you a SPARKLE bride? No need to apply! You’re already in! 🙂

    Thanks for applying and wanting to be a part of SPARKLE!


    Sacramento takes pride in being one of THE most diverse cities in the country. Who doesn’t love having global cuisine at our fingertips, international music on our stereos and partaking in cultural festivals all summer long? For our June 2016 window display, we thought we would kick-off the summer season by taking a break from all the negative chatter about building walls and keeping populations separated, by focusing on celebrating different cultures coming together in the name of love.  We called on Gigi Mallatt of Gigi Mallatt Events to help us expand on this concept of two heritages, histories and families coming together. What resulted was “Two Cultures One Love” a fusion of Indian and American cultures into one glamorous reception scene. Bright hues, gold trimmed Indian furnishings and multi-colored pillows along with western wedding gowns add an energy that sparks the passion of two people connecting, the pride they feel for their culture and the willingness to oversee what some may consider a challenge because they know their mutual love and respect will lead them to an eternal path of love and light. #sacramentoproud



    Gigi Mallatt Events, SPARKLE bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns


    When we collaborated with Gigi Mallatt in November 2015 (she designed our Marsala Hue window display) we knew we wanted to partner up with her again. Her graceful demeanor is balanced with her smart wit; she will charm you right off the bat. During the November install we would chat up a storm about wedding trends, upcoming projects and seeing little ones grow up so fast. She also mentioned the excitement she felt pairing two cultural design aesthetics for a recent couple’s wedding. So when she mentioned a future window of Indian/American fusion, we said YASSS PLEASE!



    liz Zimbleman, sparkle bridal couture, plus size bridal gowns


    Something happens when two energies come together…sometimes it’s planned and other times it’s coincidence. In teaming up with Liz Zimbelman Photography it was a bit of both. We met Liz in November 2015, when she stopped by SPARKLE to visit with Gigi during her install. Gigi and Liz had previously worked together, so Liz wanted offer support and give Gigi a high-five during her install experience. Upon meeting Liz at SPARKLE, we learned 1-Gigi and Liz are a dynamic duo and 2-they have an awesome time together! So when we confirmed Gigi’s June 2016 window, guess which photographer we called? Liz captures the lighthearted spirit of “being in the moment.” She connects with people to bring out their best and it shows in all her photos.


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  • For May 2016, we got a glamorous taste of a real California ranch style wedding thanks to our dear partner,  Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. We also had the great pleasure of teaming up with Nikki Hancock of Nikki Hancock Photography for the first time. These two women brough such positivity and personality to this project. Watching them design and create was an absolute pleasure.

    Wedding planner Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. Photo by Nikki Hancock Photography

    Darcie Swedelson of A Dazzling day Weddings.. by Darcie. Photo by Nikki Hancock Photography

    We were super excited to get to collaborate with Darcie again. She designed our gorgeous January 2013 window, “Passion for PINK.” Darcie had a very clear vision and brought her Western/glam theme to life for our May 2016 display. In speaking with her, we knew we needed to find the perfect SPARKLE gowns to bring out the earthy yet sophisticated design. Seeing Darcie’s original sketch come to life was a lot of fun. We really love all of the natural earth tones and warmth that was created in this display. Darcie is a laid back, down to earth person who produces amazing events. Darcie’s wedding planning philosophy is to create and connect ideas and personal choices with the natural beauty and architecture in many of the historic venues in Sacramento and the vineyards of the rolling El Dorado and Amador Foothills to create the ideal event. She believes every wedding should reflect the bride’s personal style and be created from love and passion.


    Nikki Hancock of Nikki Hancock Photography

    We were very excited to find Nikki Hancock and have her be part of our 2016 window partner program. Right away, Nikki jumped in to capture all of the elements of Darcie’s display. She brought a fantastic energy into the showroom, climbing into the window to get all the right angles and balanced on ladders to get all the details needed to show off this design. You can really see the passion Nikki has for her craft. She believes we can learn from the quality and technique of old style film shooting and at the same time embrace the convenience and cutting-edge changes that technology has brought to the table. Her goal is to get amazing images that will be treasured forever and to make the process as easy as possible while providing an amazing portfolio for her clients.


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  • For the month of April, we got a taste of Danish lifestyle philosophy by collaborating with Hygge Events to create a window display featuring the centuries old idea of coziness. Our team just added a fresh twist and took it to a new level. Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is the Danish way of life that emphasizes sincere connections, coziness and shared experiences. That’s what we experienced in our collaboration with Hygge Events and Sarah Maren Photography who captured our window beautifully.

    Hygge [hue guh]: 1. life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things, beautiful places; 2. savoring the present 3. the good life

    In December 2015, we came across Kylie and Sarah of Hygge Events via where else…social media. It seems like an appropriate place to find this team of creatives with a vision for what’s new and next. Always on the search for out-of-the-ordinary window decor, we liked what we saw so we reached out to this Northern California based duo. Lucky for us they accepted our proposal. And when we saw them as one of the FRESHbash teams back in March, we knew we were on to something, well, fresh for Sacramento. Unique out-of-the-ordinary design is what we are always strive for in our windows. It’s about creating an unexpected experience for our visitors and East Sacramento neighborhood. The definition above really explains the overall feel and style of Hygge. Sitting down with Kylie and Sarah to discuss their ideas for our April display was an easy laid-back, yet professional process. They easily imagined our large window space with a clean and relaxed layout. For months they created mobile structures, sourced the right furnishings and planned with Ana of Sevacha Cakes. The result was set design in its purest form.



    After having photographed our June 2013 window, we realized that it was way too long since we’d had Sarah Maren Whitehead back to shoot our windows. We missed Sarah and knew we needed our fix!  As soon as Sarah showed up to our showroom, she started snapping away. When you look through her photos, you quickly see what stunning photos she takes. It was definitely fun getting to talk with Sarah and learn more about her process. Always making sure to get the perfect angles and lighting to make the perfect image.  Sarah got her hands on a camera for the first time when she was 7 years old. She pursued the arts in college and continued her photography career working for a studio, her college paper and freelancing. She has been a professional photographer for 19 years working as Sarah Maren Photography. We love collaborating with her because she brings her love of light and fun, comfortable personality to every aspect of her business and life.



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