Engaged?! Congratulations!  At SPARKLE bridal couture we are excited and honored to help you select the most important gown you will ever wear.  As anyone who has attended a wedding can attest, most everything on the Big Day will revolve around you, the bride… and a close second for center of attention?  The gown (sorry groom)!  Your gown is truly the most memorable element of your wedding, and may be one of the few items you keep when your special day is done.

So why do they cost what they do?  SPARKLE bridal couture Founder and Creative Director Sandra Gonzalez was happy to address this question in the January 2013 issue of Sacramento Magazine, available on newsstands now. Many brides are surprised after a little shopping, but the price of a bridal gown is absolutely reflected in the quality, comfort and construction… you get what you pay for!

Luckily, at SPARKLE bridal couture there is a high-quality gown for every budget.  With two collections of formal and informal weddings dresses, no full-figured bride will be forced to sacrifice in her quest for the SPARKLE gown of her dreams.  Sandra explains, “SPARKLE gowns offer what every bride needs and wants in her gown – the best quality gown for the value.”

According to Sandra, there are four main elements that will factor into a bridal gown’s cost:

1. Fabric:  Regardless if it’s satin, chiffon or taffeta, excellent quality SPARKLE fabrics look elegant, drape more gracefully and feel softer to the touch than any average yard of material used for inferior-made gowns.


2. Construction:  The key to looking your best – construction is the most important part of your gown.  Our well-made SPARKLE dresses support themselves, freeing you from the feeling of bulk other brides experience.  Smooth lines, a flattering fit and good posture can all be attributed to a well-constructed SPARKLE gown.

3. Embellishment:  Elegant lacework and intricate beading can take over a month to adorn a single gown… by hand!  This craftsmanship is reflected in the ornate, unique look of each dress – only the best will do for our SPARKLE brides!

4. Skill: Every SPARKLE gown is sewn by an experienced technician.  This knowledge and talent guarantees a beautiful, high-quality dress, every time.  Do not risk your budget by investing in a poorly made gown or in one purchased on-line from who-knows-where pieced together by who-knows-who!

Additionally, the help and advice of our bridal stylists assisting your selection is invaluable.  Each bridal stylist at SPARKLE has an accredited education and strong expertise in fashion history, sewing skills, construction and fit.  Even a bride with a good eye for design can benefit from the experience of having a SPARKLE bridal stylists by her side every step of the way leading up to her wedding day– they ensure our curvy SPARKLE brides have the best style and look on their special day… and get the most for their money!